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Leonie Marchbank

Assistant Manager

Leonie Marchbank
Leonie Marchbank RVN Assistant Manager

I started working at Arg Beiyn in 2009 as a receptionist going on to becoming a qualified veterinary nurse in 2014 through Myerscough college. I have a passion for reptiles and amphibians and am currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Herpetology. I am very lucky to have some fantastic animals to share my life with. These include two dogs, a beagle called Koopa and an Alaskan malamute called Kirby. I am also proudly owned by 4 cats that allow me to cohabit their home, Zelda, Meadow, Bowser and Groot. Alongside this crazy bunch I also share a home with a chameleon called Rocket, 2 red eyed tree frogs, a fantasy horned frog called Snoop, an albino African pigmy hedgehog called whicket, a rabbit called Hilti and 6 land hermit crabs and a husband called Dean, all of which keep me very busy and provide hours of entertainment. In the little bit of spare time I do get, I love spending it out on track in my stock car or out on stage co-driving in a rally or two.