Ensuring help is always there

What to do in an Emergency

Emergencies that may happen outside of our normal working hours, please do not worry, we have a dedicated Veterinary Surgeon and Veterinary Nurse on call 24hrs, specifically to help you and your pet in these circumstances.

Our 24-hour emergency telephone service contact number is the same as our usual daytime numbers:

Onchan Surgery - 01624 622259

Ramsey Surgery - 01624 812208

This will re-direct you to the Veterinary Surgeon on call. You will hear a recorded message detailing what to do in case of an emergency.

Emergency Service FAQ's

  • It is better to be safe than sorry.  Our Veterinary Surgeon can advise you over the telephone as to whether your pet will require assessment immediately or whether it is something that can wait until normal working hours.

  • No, please refer to our repeat prescription procedure.  This details the importance of providing at least 48hrs notice for repeat prescriptions as your medication may require ordering specifically for your pet.

  • We kindly request that our out-of-hour emergency telephone service is utilised for genuine emergencies only.  A non-essential call may prevent other callers with a critically ill pet from reaching our Veterinary Surgeon. You may, however, send an email for our admin team's attention the following morning, admin@iomvet.co.uk.

  • This could be for the following reasons:


    A) Our on-call team may already be dealing with an emergency

    B) Our team may be travelling and/or in an area with poor telephone reception.


    If you are unsuccessful in contacting our Veterinary Surgeon, we would recommend contacting any local veterinary emergency clinic to assist you in these situations (each Veterinary Practice has only one Veterinary Surgeon on call for the whole of the island)

  • If the Veterinary Surgeon is required to attend the practice to examine your pet outside of normal working hours, the fee for this will be approximately £220 plus medication/treatment. Should a Veterinary Nurse also be required to attend for assistance, this will incur and extra charge of approximately £110 (These costs also include travel time and initial assessment and examination)


    How do fees compare to other evening emergency call-out services....


    Plumber emergency call out average cost £110 - £120 (plus labour and materials)
    Locksmith emergency call out average cost £120 (plus labour and materials)
    Electrician emergency call out average cost £110 (plus labour and materials)
    Gas Leak/Boiler Repair call out average costs £150 before midnight £250 thereafter
    (Prices taken from checkatrade.com 2021)


    It is worth bearing in mind that the above comparisons are trades people attending your home with no additional overheads such as heating/lighting utilities and premises, they may be required to make equipment safe until parts are ordered, delivered and repaired.  Veterinary practices have overheads such as utilities, specialised veterinary equipment and facilities, medication and treatment all available to use immediately, for the safety, wellbeing and best outcome for your pet.