Ensuring help is always there

Collaborating for our Community

Supporting both the Islands pet loving community and our amazing local veterinary teams.


We are proud to announce Arg Beiyn & Milan Veterinary practice will be combining our skills, knowledge and expertise, in providing Emergency Out of Hours Veterinary Services on the Isle of Man. This will ensure the continued availability, sustainability and high standard of out of hours veterinary care on our island.


Throughout the UK and beyond, it is increasingly common place for emergency out of hours veterinary services, to be provided by a dedicated regional emergency clinic/team/hospital, offering benefits to pets, owners and local veterinary teams.

Whilst we cannot currently provide a dedicated out of hours 24hr veterinary hospital, we can join forces to support our industry, clients and patients, within the Isle of Man.

What are the benefits?

  • Dedicated, skilled veterinary team there for your pet 24/7 365 days of the year
  • Stay with your usual practice for ongoing, post emergency care
  • Increased availability with a larger dedicated emergency team
  • Combining our skills and knowledge, improving the provision of out of hours care
  • Attract new skills to our Island, offering sustainable work/life balance comparable to our Veterinary UK and European counterparts
  • Shared diagnostic skills and equipment outside of normal hours
  • Improve retention, future recruitment and support of our veterinary teams during the national shortage of Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses.

Please join us in our mission for

Happier Vets, Happier Pets and Happier Customers


Your pet deserves the best emergency care both day and night, therefore we believe a collaborative ethos enhances the services we may offer to your pet.

Emergency Service FAQ's

  • Please call your usual practice telephone number. Please follow the transfer instructions to be automatically transferred to the on-call team for that evening. You will be advised which practice to attend if required.

  • This is another added benefit of us pulling together. You will have a dedicated large animal vet on call. Just call the practice and choose the option for large animal to be transferred to the duty vet.

  • Should your pet require hospitalisation, this will be at the on-call practice.

  • We have electronic access to your usual clinic's patient notes in an emergency situation. As with human emergency care, symptoms you describe along with knowledge of any existing illness, disease, condition and/or current medication, allow us to formulate a strong care plan. It is useful to bring any current medication along with your pet. In some cases, the records may not always be helpful in diagnosis in the case of emergency.  Our surgeon will ask you relevant questions to assist in the treatment of your pet. Full medical notes, tests etc. undertaken in an emergency, will be forwarded electronically to your usual practice upon discharge.

  • All emergency call out and attendance fees are the same at both practices.

  • The Veterinary Surgeon will recommend when it is safe to transfer your pet to your usual practice. This will always be based on the best interest of your pet's health and in consultation with yourself and your usual Veterinary Clinic. We are here to compliment your usual Veterinary Surgeon and we encourage ongoing care and treatment at your usual practice.

  • Both Arg Beiyn and Milan Veterinary Practice are proudly accredited with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme (PSS).  Accreditation to this scheme requires practices to reach stringent standards, offering peace of mind for pet owners.


  • Arg Beiyn and Milan Veterinary practice are two of the most longstanding veterinary clinics on the island. With a strong sense of community, many local Veterinary Surgeons have worked at both practices. It is likely you may know members of the teams at both practices. However, as we hope to welcome many skilled Veterinary professionals into our team, you may also get the chance to meet some friendly new faces.