Useful Links

Helpful information for a variety of topics


The Cat Group is affiliated to a number of organisations and has a lot of very useful information about keeping and caring for cats. You can find them here.

Cat Professional is a website mainly run by Dr Sarah Caney who is one of the leading veterinary experts in cats in the UK. The site produces some excellent publications about various cat disease. You can find them here.


There are a number of good websites dealing with rabbit ownership. The British House Rabbit Association is a UK based site and the House Rabbit Society is a US based site.

Pet Nutrition

What your pet eats is very important. Even more so if we have diagnosed a particular disease. Arg Beiyn recommends Hills Pet Food to all our clients whether for their normal diet or for presciption diets. Their website has a lot more information on this subject.

Worming and Flea Reminders

Worming and de-fleaing your pet regularly is very important. There is more information about this subject on our Flea and Worming page in our pet advice section. However, there is a site you can register with that will remind you when your pets are due for flea control.

Travelling abroad

The Pet Passport scheme allows you to travel with your pet to certain countries around the world. The regulations do tend to change so we advise you to check on the UK DEFRA site to check for up-to-date information.

Veterinary Information

There are so many sites on the internet that offer veterinary advice. Some good and some not so good. A new top UK site is The Veterinary Expert. Look here for information and videos. All of our vets use a professional site called VIN which is excellent. It has a sister site for owners called Veterinary Partner which we would highly recommend.

Becoming a Vet and Vet Schools

All vets must be registered with the Royal College and information can be found there about becoming a vet. There are a number of veterinary schools in the UK and we have provided links to them:

London, Liverpool, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Nottingham.