Surgical help for your pets in Onchan and Ramsey

Operations are carried out in both our Onchan and Ramsey surgery, where we have purpose-built operating theatres. We believe in operating under the highest standards possible and all our procedures are carried out under the care of a qualified veterinary surgeon. They are assisted in this by state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, which allows us to measure your pet's ecg, breathing rate, oxygen levels and temperature. All of this, along with anaesthetic agents comparable to those used in human medicine, make our surgical procedures as safe as we can make them.

When your pet is booked in for an operation, a nurse will ring you to make the appointment and give you an estimate of the cost. After admittance, your pet will then receive a full clinical examination and, if requested, blood tests to check for any underlying problems that may not be evident. This is especially important if your pet is an older patient. We then have seperate dog and cat wards, both containing the relevant pheremone dispensers, to keep the whole experience as stress-free as possible. All our patients receive pain relief before and during surgery and we advise that they also go home on the same. When we send them home with you, the nurse will talk through any extra care needed and you will be given an information sheet.

If you have any concerns or questions about an upcoming procedure, please contact us and ask to speak to one of our nurses or vets and they will be happy to answer any questions.