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Expert second opinions

At Arg Beiyn Veterinary Practice, we are happy to receive referrals from other veterinary practices. Karl Bovenizer MVB, CertVC, MRCVS holds qualifications in cardio-respiratory medicine. In keeping with these qualifications, we continually re-invest in equipment and techniques. We are more than happy to discuss cases over the phone with your vet and strive to provide a fast and efficient referral service. We understand that when your pet is very ill, you want a result as soon as possible.

We are delighted to offer an acupuncture service in Arg Beiyn. Sarah Webster, one of our vets, is a qualified veterinary acupuncturist and is happy to discuss cases with you with a view to treatment. More information on the service will appear here soon!

Referral Procedure

Although we are more than happy to accept referrals in both surgery and heart problems, these must always be arranged through your own vet.

Usually, if your vet feels your pet has a problem that we would be able to assist with, they will ring us and ask to speak to Karl Bovenizer for cardiology or ultrasound. As soon as we have all the details and history, and are comfortable that we can help your pet, we will usually arrange for an inital consultation to decide on the best route for diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, especially surgical, this may occur at the same time as admitting your pet to the hospital.

Following treament or diagnosis, we will then discuss the outcome with your vet. At this point, we may carry out the initial follow-up examinations or we may recommend that you return to your vet for follow-up. This can depend on the procedure carried out. With major orthopaedic operations, we will often recommend you attend our hydrotherapy unit for a course of treatment. With cardiology cases, it is not unusual for a follow-up scan to be suggested 3 or even 6 months after the initial examination. At all times, your own vet will be involved in any discussions and will receive a written report after the event.

Although in some cases, advice may be given over the phone, we will always insist on a written referral letter before proceeding.


As a practice, we have always tried to give our clients the best service possible. We are aware that major diseases necessitating referrals led to a lot of stress and cost to our patients. In 2004, Karl Bovenizer passed the RCVS certificate in Cardiology. This consisted of written and practical exams along with a case book. Along with a considerable investment in equipment, this allows the practice to look after the majority of its heart patients in-house, rather than having to send them to the UK.

Karl is more than happy to speak to other vets to answer queries about patients. We also accept cardiology referrals. Services offered are:

  • X-ray reading
  • ECGs
  • Cardiac examination and assessment
  • Boxer murmur grading
  • Echocardiography with full-colour doppler

For any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff.