Repeat Prescriptions

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Prescription Medication

We are happy to provide a written prescription should you prefer to buy from an online pharmacy.


 The cost for this written prescription is £22.61



What am I paying for?

A Veterinary Surgeons, expertise, clinical judgement and professional knowledge in prescribing the correct medication, at an effective dose, to treat a specific condition. Veterinary Surgeons are no different from other chargeable qualified professionals, such as Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Dentists or Engineers etc.  We rightfully pay for their expertise, diagnosis and resolution of a condition or problem.

Why are medications more expensive at my local Vets than online?

Your local Veterinary practice is required by law to order from a ‘veterinary wholesaler’ (it is illegal for Veterinary practices to buy from any other retailer). Your Veterinary Practice is a business, who are not funded by the NHS. A modern Veterinary Practice has large overheads for premises, utilities, staff, equipment, insurance, obligatory continuous training, state of the art diagnostics, emergency care Out of Hour cover etc. All essential requirements for providing high standards of care for your pet.  An online retailer’s overheads are far, far less. They can run with a sole pharmacist from a warehouse with huge quantities of stock (offering lucrative discounts) paying lower wages to warehouse staff, who prepare & package the orders. Lower premises rent/rates, utilities, staff costs, insurance, with little to no equipment.

In order to ensure you are buying ‘bona fide’ medications, we would strongly recommend checking The VMD (the UK veterinary medicines regulator) list of accredited retailers prior to your purchase.